Page Sections JSF Pattern With Optimised Network Traffic

This implementation provides possibility to divide page content between sections with rich simple TogglePanel with implementation of more a4j forms – separate form for every section. The benefits of this implementation that ajax requests and submits are delimited only for section form.

Navigable page:


<%-- Section1 Include--%>
<%@ include file="/pages/sectionfragments/s1_section.jsp"%>

<%-- Section2 Include--%>
<%@ include file="/pages/sectionfragments/s2_section.jsp"%>

<%-- Section3 Include--%>
<%@ include file="/pages/sectionfragments/s3_section.jsp"%>


Included fragment with own a4j form:

Included Fragment with own a4j Form:
<a4j:region id="a4jRSection1" renderRegionOnly="true">
	<a4j:form id="a4jFSection1">
		<a4j:queue id="a4jQSection1" requestDelay="0" ignoreDupResponses="true"
			oncomplete="if(request.queue.getSize()==0){hideAjaxPleaseWait();}" />
		<a4j:status id="a4jSSection1" onstart="showAjaxPleaseWait();" />
		<a4j:outputPanel id="a4joutPoSection1">
			<rich:simpleTogglePanel bypassUpdates="true"
				id="a4joPoSection1" opened="true" label="Section1" switchType="ajax"
				<a4j:outputPanel id="a4joPinSection1">
				... content of your section


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