What Issues Types Are Usefull ?

The main default Issue types of most common task management systems available on the market now are Task, Bug and New Feature. That’s maybe sufficient for smaller or mid-scaled Projects and teams, which are located together without dislocated project members. However, with team heterogeneity and project scale the need to define different Issue Types more specifically increases.

The Advantage of the different Issue Types is mainly the possibility to define Workflows adapted to the project needs and also the possibility to define different property sets. For example, for small issues the use of Task Workflow is just overhead, and small issue Type – called “Note” – for example can have just short form with minimum of properties and very simple workflow based on two states Open and Resolved. Such “Note” can very effectively replace for example Email or Messenger Communication, because handling of such lightweight Issue in Task Management needs similar effort such as writing an email or message.

On the projects I used succesfully following Issue Types:

Hope it gives you some inspiration how to customize your Task Management System in your Project.
… if you manage to replace use of email, phone and messenger with use of Task Management System, you achieve perfect trackability and searchability of all the issues appeared in your business.

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